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Hocon One-on-One Home Surveys

One-on-One Home Surveys
"What I like about working in Hocon in Torrington especially, we are all family, even though some of us are not related we are a family. Each of us would really go out of our way and take that extra step to complete the project in any way we can."
Melissa Loyot, Outside/Inside Sales Rep, Hocon Hearth House of Torrington

At Hocon Heart House our first goal is to always respect the customer's initial expectations and requests. Each of our Hocon Hearth House locations carries a verity of home heating products, some locations have more than others.

To see the widest selection of hearths you should visit our Hearth House Torrington location, our original Norwalk showroom or our newly constructed branch Danbury. A walk through any of these branches will give you plenty of new ideas to enhance your home with an orange flame hearth.

Each of our showroom sales staff will gladly show you the differences between the coal, wood or gas heating options; and they can show you the differences between the fireplace inserts or heating stoves of each type.

After a visit to our showroom one of our outside sales reps will come to your home for a one-on-one survey. We will measure the dimensions of your existing fireplace or the location you'd like to install the new fireplace or stove. Safety is not only important to us, but we are required to make sure any heating appliance we install follows the local and state fire codes for clearance.

During the one-on-one home survey our sales rep will also discuss different finishing options for your appliance and how it might look in your home. A hearth is not simply functional as a heater, it's also a gathering place for friends and family, and we might suggest a finishing style that will complement your room.

If you are new to propane as a heating fuel, and you'd like to have it installed, we also have to find a good location on your property to install the tanks.

Once the survey is complete we'll be able to give you a final quote for the appliance and the yearly cost you should expect to spend on your chosen heating fuel.
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