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Gas Fireplace Logs

Gas Log Sets
For people who have grown tired of hauling in logs, hauling out ash, and living with uneven heating and drafts in their home, gas fire log are the perfect replacement in a traditional fireplace.

Fire logs are available for a vent free or vented application depending on the size of the logs you are looking for.

Each manufacturer of fire logs offers a verity of log designs, and logs are available that mimic many different types of trees including aged oak, white birch, sassafras, charred oak, ponderosa or hickory. Each manufacturer takes care and pride in designing their log stacks and burner patters to produce a lifelike fire so and flame patterns and chosen logs create the illusion of a real wood fire.

You can use natural gas or propane gas for fire log sets to produce the flickering flames and glowing embers of each log set. The logs themselves are made of ceramic fiber and painted with painstaking details. The glowing embers at the base of the fire log are created by a few different types of long lasting material. You can choose the burning ember quality to match your chosen aesthetics.

Speaking of flame quality and aesthetics, each fire log set has a very specific stack arrangement. You should never try to clean or move gas fire logs on your own. The dancing flame illusion of every log set is very specifically designed to match the burner to the log stack. Under normal operation the flames do not actually touch the logs, and therefore have a very clean and highly efficient energy rating.

We do not recommend you to service your own log set. If reassembled with even the slightest misalignment of logs will cause the flames to touch the logs and create slight soot in your room and actual soot buildup on the artificial logs. With vent free fire logs a soot buildup will eventually become noticeable on your ceiling and walls.

Owners of gas fire log sets should request a cleaning and a check of the burner system once a year before the heating season starts. No matter which fire log set you own our trained service technicians will clean out any cobwebs and check the overall operation to guarantee maximum heating efficiency.
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