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Fireplace Inserts

Fireplace Inserts

Let's face it, traditional fireplaces are not energy efficient. Instead of heating your house the warm are generated inside goes right up and out the chimney.

While warm air rises out the chimney cold air is being drawn in from other rooms in your house. This creates the drafty conditions so common in older houses, sometimes causing the house to be colder when the fire is lit instead of being warmer.

The solution to this drafty, cold home problem is to install a fireplace insert.

Fireplace inserts come in all shapes and size, and use various heating fuels. If you'd like to keep the charm of a wood burning fireplace you will surly find a wood burning fireplace insert that is warmer and perhaps even more charming than before. Alternatively you could use wood bricks instead of logs.

Wood pellet fireplace inserts are also available. This type of insert burns small pellets that look a lot like animal feed. Maintenance is easier than a wood burning insert.

Naturally you could also install a gas fireplace insert. Both natural gas and propane gas are available in a tremendous assortment of options from several companies.

All of our fireplace inserts come with a built in blower and heat exchanger that eliminates that drafty problem. Air from the outside is pulled in through a special vent that we install into your chimney. This vent feeds the fire's combustion and then releases the air back out the vent.

Inside the fireplace insert there is another chamber for your home heating air flow. Air is pulled in from your room at the bottom, it passes along the inside walls of the firebox and is blown back out into the room as hot air at the top of each heating appliance.

With this heat transfer method you never feel a draft and there's no risk of smoke entering into your home.
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