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About Hocon Hearth House

About Hocon Hearth House
Practicality -- It means a lot to all.

Hocon Hearth House's main showroom is in Torrington, Connecticut, with smaller showrooms in each of the other four Hocon branches of Norwalk, Waterbury, Danbury and Guilford.

Hocon Hearth House is an affiliate of Hocon Propane...the largest family owned Propane Gas company in Connecticut. In business for over 50 years, the thoughts of safety, saving you money, being ecologically informed, and "Going Green" are always being looked at carefully.

By offering wood and coal heating appliances through the "Hearth House" brand Hocon is answering to the ever growing demand to release the stranglehold of global oil companies.

Hocon Hearth House offers beautiful orange flame hearth appliances that transform any room of your house. You will enjoy the hearth ambiance while also enjoying savings from the heating efficiency and "going green."

Stop into any of our five showrooms and let one of our trained "Hocon Family Members" warm you up to the almost forgotten heating fuels and the latest in energy efficiency.
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